Thermal Insulating Fibre


Thermal insulating fibre has been specifically designed to assist aquaculture/ fish farming operations with temperature control of the water. Our thermal insulation is a combined desiccated PVC and polyester fibrous wool with a density of 150kg/ m3 and is used in layers (thicknesses) of 30mm up to 75mm depending on the specific application and is effective for controlling temperatures from – 5°C to +180°C. The fibre is mold and rot proof and is perfectly suited where the operating temperature required is greater than the ambient temperature.

This simply means that the thermal insulating fibre keeps the heat inside the dam by transferring the heat into the fibrous material (like a thermal flask)keeping the water warm and at the same time keeping out the cold temperature from the outside (like a geyser blanket) preventing the water getting cold.

The loose fibrous wool is specifically used on large earth dam floors or packed in bags where it is needed to insulate and support ground dams with perpendicular walls (90°). Alternatively it is manufactured into suitable sized insulating panels which are then placed on the floor or between the liner and the welded mesh walls of mesh dams. The thermal insulating fibre is sold as:

Insulating fibre

As loose fibre per cube.

Pre – packed

25kg sized bags.
(13.5kg fibre inside).

Insulating panels

1m long x 0.75m wide.
30mm thick.


As suitably sized wedges to fit the floor area of mesh reservoirs.