Grain Dams / Graan Damme


Grain Dams are ideal for on-farm storing and preservation of grain and other dry agricultural harvested produce i.e.: mielies, sun flower seeds, sorghum etc. Our welded mesh wall grain storage dams have a holding capacity of approximately 150 tons. They are packed in a kit form and 2 or 3 units can fit on a 1 ton bakkie. They are easily DIY installed.

Grain dam size – 9.35m diameter x 2.2m deep / approximately 150 tons capacity. The painted mesh wall has 20cm x 20cm apertures with 5.6mm diameter thick vertical and horizontal strands. They are fitted with virgin 550g or 620g reinforced PVC plastic liner with a circular cover fitted with eyelets to tie down over the grain being stored. Smaller sized dams can be made on request.