About Us

Tata Ma Tarps and Linings is 100% woman owned.

We are a company committed to excellent quality, service delivery at affordable prices, with a passion to create employment for the previously disadvantaged people living in our informal settlements (squatter camps). Through manufacturing various products from reinforced flexible PVC substrates that we recycle and re-use, by remanufacturing them into products used by the agricultural, transport and domestic industries, and at the same time reducing our carbon foot print by preventing this PVC going into our landfills.

We have been operating since 2001, and continue to grow from year to year, we currently distribute our product throughout South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi.


Tata Ma Tarps and Linings is producing excellent quality and Eco-friendly products at affordable prices, with superb personal service, fast turnaround times, with great after sales service, with factory backup warranty, all the while trying to reduce not only our own carbon footprint but those of our suppliers as well.

We offer the most cost effective tarpaulins and linings in South Africa, using an excellent quality product and give superb personal service.


Our Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) liners/ tarps are manufactured from virgin and recycled materials and are the most cost effective PVC liners and tarps in the country.
They conform to any shape and contour.
They can be joined with a watertight seam to any shape and size:
They are reinforced with a denier polyester mesh on the inside, with a PVC layer on either side thereof, which prevents it from tearing and fraying.
They can be repaired under water, with a special adhesive, preventing the tank having to be emptied in order to make the repair.
They are eco- friendly as they:

Eliminate the demand for new raw materials
Eliminate huge amounts of energy necessary for manufacturing new products.
Eliminate additional pollution and waste associate with new manufacturing.
Eliminate additional transportation and harmful emissions.
Keep the material out of our landfills.

Last and not least, by you supporting us, you are helping create employment through our social responsibility project.