Helping Save the Planet

We have to date recycled and prevented around 1260 tons of reinforced PVC materials from landing up in our landfills ( Approximately 2.5 million m2 of material). We continue to collect on average 10 tons or more per month (+- 20 000 m2 per month), we then re manufacture or ”up cycle” this material into a variety of innovative products for every sector of the market.

The type of material we recycle in non-bio degradable, and therefore would still be found in our landfills for decades to come. Burning this PVC is not an option, as it releases hydrogen chloride gas (which is the cause of acid rain) into the atmosphere, which unfortunately is the route often taken, by big brand advertisers in order to protect their branding.

We offer a excellent service and innovative ways of protecting such advertisers, and at the same time helping them reduce their carbon foot print if they are willing to partner with us.