Cargo Nets & Safety Nets

Cargo Nets and Safety Nets

Tata Ma Tarp & Linings manufacture Cargo & Safety nets that meet the industrial netting standard of the transport, mining, sport and domestic sectors of the market.

All Cargo nets are manufactured by hand, by skilled labour, ensuring that the highest quality and standards are maintained, all the while keeping our desire to create sustainable employment and skills development remains at the forefront of our business.

All our nets are competitively priced, made to any size and in most primary colours of choice. Rope thickness of 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm and 12mm are used with apertures ranging from 50mm up to 400mm being most common.

Cargo Nets

Typical application are:
Cargo Nets for –
• Trucks
• Trailers and
• Bakkies

Safety nets

• Mine Brine Dams
• Mine roof and wall nets
• Swimming Pools

Sports Nets

• Cricket practice nets
• Climbing nets
• Golf practice nets