Game Boma’s


Our game capturing boma material is a tough nylon reinforced 280g/ 320 micron PVC mesh (net) that does not easily tear or vrey like other shade net products on the market.
It is offered in recycled and virgin material options.

The virgin material is white on both sides, while the recycled material is offered as white on one side with some or other printing on the other.

Both virgin and recycled options can be “inked” black if so desired. This is does however carry a labour surcharge to do so.

The reinforced PVC net also acts as an excellent wind break and shade clothe on livestock in the field.

Much to many farmers surprise, the white effectively restricts visibility from both sides, i.e. facing the sun and with the sun behind the net.

The net can be fitted with seams and stainless steel eyelets to contain cables or for tying to fences etc.

Rolls of 50m long and 3.2m wide are standard in the virgin materials. However with the recycled option various widths can be made up to order.