Series 50/25 – Industrial range with galvanized welded mesh wall

Welded mesh Water tanks – 50/25 series – Galvanized Mesh

Manufactured using 50mm x 25mm x 3mm Galvanized welded mesh with either a 450 micron or 650 micron and 680 micron polyester scrim reinforced PVC liner.

Size (dia x ht) Litres
Extra Large vertical Tanks
Ø 2000 x 2420 (L4) 7 280 litres
Ø 2400 x 2420 (L4) 10 400 litres
Ø 2700 x 2720 (L6) 15 000 litres
Ø 3150 x 2720 (L6) 20 000 litres

The 50/25 series Kit includes – mesh wall, lining , U bolts necessary for assembly and 40mm outlet and tap. The mesh water tanks containing the ‘’L’’ character and number, indicate the number of wall brackets supplied to support and stabilize the tank wall.

Price lists sent on request.