Fish Farming Raceways Size List

Frame Raceways Size List

Series RW 08

Series RW 08/2
SIZE: (L x W x D)
2m x 2m x 0,8m 2800
2m x 4m x 0,8m 5600
2m x 6 m x 0,8m 8400
2m x 12m x 0,8m 16800
2m x 18m x 0,8m 25200
2m x 24m x 0,8m 33600
Series RW 08/3
3m x 2m x 0,8m 4200
3m x 4m x 0,8m 8400
3m x 6m x 0,8m 12600
3m x 12m x 0,8m 25200
3mx 18m x 0,8m 37800
3m x 24m x 0,8m 50400
Series RW 08/4
4m x 2m x 0,8m 5600
4m x 4m x 0,8m 11200
4m x 6m x 0,8m 16800
4m x 12m x 0,8m 33600
4m x 18m x 0,8m 50400
4m x 24m x 0,8m 67200
Series RW 08/6
6m x 2m x 0,8m 8400
6m x 4m x 0,8m 16800
6m x 6m x 0,8m 25200
6m x 12m x 0,8m 50400
6m x 18m x 0.8m 75600
6m x 24m x 0,8m 100800
Frame Raceways Size List

Series RW 12

Series RW 12/2
2m x 2m x 1,2m 4400
2m x 4m x 1,2m 8800
2m x 6 m x 1,2m 13200
2m x 12m x 1,2m 26400
2m x 18m x 1.2m 39600
2m x 24m x 1,2m 52800
Series RW 12/3
3m x 2m x 1,2m 6600
3m x 4m x 1,2m 13200
3m x 6m x 1,2m 19800
3m x 12m x 1,2m 39600
3m x 18m x 1,2m 59400
3m x 24m x 1,2m 79200
Series RW 12/4
4m x 2m x 1,2m 8800
4m x 4m x 1,2m 17600
4m x 6m x 1,2m 26400
4m x 12m x 1,2m 52800
4m x 18m x 1,2m 79200
4m x 24m x 1,2m 105600
Series RW 12/6
6m x 2m x 1,2m 13200
6m x 4m x 1,2m 24400
6m x 6m x 1,2m 39600
6m x 12m x 1,2m 79200
6m x 18m x 1,2m 118800
6m x 24m x 1,2m 158400

The Raceways consist of the following:
32mm Painted metal tubing Framework
The liners are manufactured from 650 micron Polyester scrim reinforced PVC
No Outlets – these to be ordered separately as per requirement.