Silage Covers/ Kuil voer seile


Tata Ma’s silage covers/ kuil voer seile are leading the way in South Africa with our black/ white covers, that help our customers preserve the highest nutritional value from their silage.

Your silage cover needs to protect your pile from air and water intrusion, this insures reduced dry matter losses and maximum feed freshness.

Our covers are designed with farmers in mind, providing best value for money spent.

Our covers are manufactured from 500g polyester scrim reinforced PVC, to provide a strong tear resistant silage cover. These are black once side, white on the other and make excellent oxygen barriers and this make them a choice cover for any silage operation. A standard size of 25m x 12.4m is available, but other sizes can be made on request. Seams can be fitted to accommodate poles inside or stainless steel eyelets can be fitted on request.