Fish Farming Raceways / Aquaculture reservoirs


These are free standing metal framed square and rectangular reservoirs /breeding tanks especially designed for aqua culture /fish farming of tilapia, koi, barbel (cat fish) and tropical fish species. These are excellent dams where large volumes of fish can be kept. They are great space savers especially where space is limited i.e. inside of tunnels. The race ways are made from 32mm round tubing.

These have DIY knock up /knock down steel frame work and are fitted with a heavy duty 620 micron reinforced PVC liner. These dams come in standard widths of 2m, 3m, 4m and 6m with depths of 0.8m (range RW8) and 1.2m (range RW12) deep. These are made in standard lengths of 2m up to 24m long with holding capacities ranging from 2800 litres up to 158 400 litres, depending on the range chosen.

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VIDEO: Tilapia Fish Farming Raceways